Electra Vehicles

Join the Electra Vehicles team as we revolutionize Energy Storage!

We are a Boston-based B2B company developing the most unique AI Software to optimize the performance of Battery Packs across a wide range of industries. Electra’s AI Adaptive Controls Technology and Analytics Platform work in tandem to improve Electric Vehicle battery pack performance, lifetime, and safety, across entire eFleets.

Our Focus is in the Automotive Industry, particularly electric vehicle manufacturing, EV battery software, connected mobility, fleet management and analytics, and more. Although we are currently focusing on the Automotive sector, Electra's technology can be deployed into the Aerospace, Robotics, Grid and other industries that are rapidly transitioning into clean energy.

ML Battery Modeling Intern

Our flexible, and fast paced start-up requires interns to adapt quickly and take on several high priority responsibilities. We encourage interns to fully participate in all aspects of the team's projects and there is always the ability to take on additional responsibilities as your skills best suit the team. Passionate and experienced individuals are ideal for this position.


  • Develop and refine innovative battery models which combine the accuracy of a classical physics-based battery model with machine learning techniques to adapt to battery usage
  • Create and integrate models, define algorithms, write testing code, and evaluate the performance of algorithms throughout the life of the product
  • Support data collection, data analysis, and model training efforts
  • Support the integration of these advanced battery models into an existing battery simulation codebase.
  • Continuously explore novel machine learning techniques to improve the long-term performance of the energy storage simulation and modeling
  • Support documentation pertaining to battery modeling techniques and deployment


  • Pursuing MS or a Phd Program in chemistry, mechanical, electrical, aerospace, or materials engineering
  • Knowledge or Experience with modeling of lithium ion cells using machine learning and physics-based models
  • Capable of analyzing algorithm performance in MATLAB/Simulink and Python
  • Software development experience, such as microservices on AWS
  • Strong communication and preference for working in teams
  • Knowledge or Experience, understanding, and intuition for the electrochemical physics of lithium ion cells


  • Fully remote
  • 30+ hours a week
  • Availability within M-F 9:30-5:30 EST preferred
  • Start: August or September 2022
  • End: December 2022 with opportunity to extend
  • Rate: Negotiable